About Us

Our purpose is to reduce the carbon footprint in the built environment. We are a proud clean technology company that provides ultra-low carbon concrete solutions to reduce the climate impact of cement in our built environment. 

Our History

Earth Friendly Concrete® is an initiative of the Wagners, an innovative Australian construction materials company. Founded by four brothers, Denis, John, Joe and Neil, Wagners vision is to be a leader in providing innovative construction materials solution. The brothers remain major shareholders of the Wagner Holding Company and are committed to the success of this technology.

Over the last 10 years, we have been developing a geopolymer concrete that offers customers unique durability performance, excellent structural performance, and the highest level of sustainability. The importance of this development has been recognised by both government and industry in the following awards:

Executive Team

Michael Kemp


Lead the corporate and organisational development

Accountable for the overall corporate performance of the new business structure, providing continuity of executive supervision.

Michael has overseen the development of EFC technology since the very first test tube. He has been integral in leading the expansion of  Wagners’ New Generation Building Materials across international markets.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Adelaide.

John Day


Drive the overall development program across technology streams and operational footprint

Accountable for technology excellence across our operating footprint.

John is a renowned concrete technologist with 40 years of experience in the Concrete, Quarry and Construction industries across the globe and has been responsible for the development of Earth Friendly Concrete®.

A global leader in high performance concretes across all applications.

Ivan Clarke

Group Technical Manager

Manage the quality performance of EFC in the field

Accountable for concrete product development, mix design specification, production, and major project support.

Ivan has 16 years of experience in concrete technical leadership, managing quality control, production processes, concrete laboratories, major projects, and new product development.


Ivan holds an Associate’s Degree (in Civil Engineering) from the University of Southern Queensland and a Master’s Degree (Advanced Concrete Technology) from the University of Leeds.

Andy Izod

Regional UK / Europe

Lead the commercial development of EFC in the UK and the European Union

Accountable for delivering the EFC scale up strategy and market penetration in the UK and European Union.

Andy has spent most of his career in the building products sector of the UK and European construction industries and has considerable knowledge of concrete, steel, and timber frame structures. He also has extensive business leadership and business development expertise.

Andy holds a Diploma in Strategic Management for Directors from Durham University Business School.


Earth Friendly Concrete® has been proven on a wide range of projects across the globe.

 The EFC® team are ready to work with you to reduce the carbon footprint in your concrete products or infrastructure projects.