EARTH FRIENDLY CONCRETE® has been Proven on a Wide of Projects Accross the Globe.

EFC® Solutions

Earth Friendly Concrete® meets and exceeds the performance specifications of ordinary concrete, delivers superior durability, and is an easy substitute. EFC ultra low carbon concrete technology has delivered solutions to a range of industry sectors in multiple applications.



(Airports, bridges, dams, rail, ports, marine)



(Multi story buildings, warehouses, houses)

Precast and concrete products


(Pipes, tunnel segments, bridges, blocks, and tiles)

Proven Applications

  • Slabs (structural, post tensioned, honed, and polished)
  • Various permanent and temporary structural works
  • Precast panels, tunnel segments, bridge girders, beams, pipes, plunge pools, and tanks
  • Manufactured blocks, tiles, sleepers etc.
  • Shotcrete
  • Block fill
  • Footings
  • Piling
  • Custom Builds

Our Technology at a Glance

At the core of our ultra-low carbon technology is the EFC® Activator Solution. Our team will help you develop mix designs to
suit your systems and raw materials. We will deliver EFC Activator along with our exclusive ad-mixtures to your concrete
batch plant so you can make Earth Friendly Concrete