Zero-cement Concrete Technology For a Sustainable Future


The goal of effective infrastructure is to enable communities to flourish. We are proud of the benefits that EFC ultra-low carbon technology can bring to infrastructure and the communities we serve. Our contribution goes beyond simply being low-carbon.

OUR goal

We continue to work on innovative solutions. we’re striving to reduce our carbon footprint even further. We are finalising our the next generation of our technology that will enable us to deliver an even lower carbon footprint solution to our partners.

JASON ZAFiriadis, chief commercial officer


Concrete is an essential building material, but cement remains one of the largest contributors to man-made carbon emissions. The production of cement accounts for three billion tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, or eight percent of the world’s total man-made CO2 output.

By removing 100% of the cement content, Earth Friendly Concrete® reduces 70% of the C02 associated with concrete. This has been verified by an independent carbon footprint declaration conducted by the Footprint Company in accordance with ISO1406.

A full copy of our Carbon Footprint Declaration can be downloaded below.

Further Carbon footprint savings

Additional carbon footprint savings can be realised by utilising our technical advantages, which can lower reinforcing steel content and overall slab thickness. Connect with us to learn how to achieve this.

CIRCULAR economy leadership

The shift to a circular economy necessitates strong leadership from key stakeholders. We can make a genuine circular difference because concrete is the second most consumed product by humans.

Every cubic metre of Earth Friendly Concrete® substitutes recovered industrial waste by products for 400 kg of fresh cement. Earth Friendly Concrete® can be made with recycled aggregates as well.

When Earth Friendly Concrete® reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled into a variety of useful materials such as aggregates, etc. In fact, Earth Friendly Concrete® outperforms conventional concrete materials in terms of end-of-life consumption.


We are a nimble business with a very small operational footprint compared with traditional cement companies. Calcination, water and intensive energy usage to produce clinker … ELIMINATED.
Biodiversity, land usage, and social impact of large limestone mining operations … ELIMINATED.


We are proud to contribute to 9 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more United Nations Sustainable Development Goals here.