Wagners EFC has developed a scalable business model to distribute EFC activator. The manufacturing process requires much lower capital investment when compared with competing low carbon technologies, it is a relatively seamless plug into existing concrete production plants.


Core of EFC Technology and IP: EFC Activator Solution

Chemical manufactured and distributed to concrete producers. EFC Activator replaces some of the water content at the point of concrete production. It is a very simple addition to a standard concrete plant.


Secondary product: EFC Activator Dispensing Units

EFC Activator dispensing units store and dose the activator at each concrete plant. This is a very simple and cheap piece of equipment. Wagners EFC will install these under an operating lease model.


Augmented offering of our business: Technical ConsultingSolution

Technical consulting for concrete mix design & development and specialty application support. This allows clients to rapidly deploy EFC technology so they can deliver Earth Friendly Concrete across applications and concrete products.


We deliver our EFC Activator solution along with our EFC Act Mixture to your local concrete batch plant or precaster.


The concrete produces uses it natural raw materials… except concrete

Earth friendly concrete® ready mix production

They deliver Earth Friendly Concrete to your project.

EFC® AND Wagners

Wagners is a diversified Australian construction materials and services provider and an innovative producer of New Generation Building Materials.

Established in 1989, Wagners is an ASX-listed company operating globally. Wagners are a producer of cement, concrete, aggregates, new generation composite products and are world leaders in the development of new technology to reduce the impact of heavy construction materials on the environment. The company also provides transport services, precast concrete and reinforcing steel.